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  • Sep 29, 2014

This Video is my news analysis and opinion. Documents in the video are available for law enforcement and news media.

View the video to understand why Michael Roberts Rexxfield and SAC County Prosecutor Ben Smith will likely be desperate to get this video removed from the Internet, just like they have with other incriminating documents, videos and articles they successfully had removed from other forums and search engines, even documents from county offices / agencies are now gone. Documents in the video were all part of discovery but never used and not lost by the defendant. (The attorney for Tracy Richter Roberts had but never used any of the featured evidence at trial.) Threats from Roberts to remove evidence and letters from a County Prosecutor have worked on other forums and or search engines.

Michael Roberts an alleged fugutive has masterminded a multi million-country fraud scheme under the guise of helping first Tracey Richter and later thier chidren. The latest scam is an appeal on fathersfight.org and indiegogo.com. The funds raised over the last decade have allowed Roberts to live a double life watch this video to see his lavish lifestyle.

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