FBCS, Inc.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Hatboro
Address 30 S Warminster Road, Suite 353
Phone 800-220-2018
Website https://www.fbcs-inc.com

FBCS, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2015

The phone calls started about a month ago. I never answered them and no messages were ever left. I answered one today by mistake thinking it was someone else. I didnt catch the guys name but he said he was calling from FBCS, a company I never heard of. He started asking me if I was the person he named and gave me MY address and the last four of my social and was trying to get me to admit the info. He said it was an attempt to collect a debt for The University of Phoenix. 7 years ago I took out a Federal loan and it didnt work out for me. The loan was paid back via my taxes, cause you know, the IRS can do that. No issue there, loan paid, no worries. Until these guys started calling. I told them no money is owed and he ignored it and then attempted to get my bank account info out of me. I told him nothing was going to happen unless I received written documentation in the mail as proof, his response was "you have the right to request that and good luck with that" before he hung up. The number I was being called from was a 303-945-3501 (Denver, Colorado). About 6 months ago or so I received a call from another guy that never said where he was calling me from and was a rude son of a b***h to me after I told him that no such debt exists concerning The University of Phoenix. That guy tried to intimidate me over the phone with fake legalese talk once I told him that the loan had been with the Federal Govt and had already been paid. I had enough of his fake jib and told him to go "f**k himself" before I hung up. Thats how bad that call was. This is ridiculous how these scam artists are obtaining information about me probably because someone sold it to them or was irresponsible in handling sensitive information. I have been attending another University for over half a year now and had NO issues getting a Federal Loan with no bad reports from the University of Phoenix.

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