FBSCGOV Corporation

Country United States
State Azerbaijan
City Wilmington
Address 1000 N West Street Unit 1200
Phone (877) 489-2115
Website www.fbscgov.us.com/

FBSCGOV Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2015

This company is nothing more than a scam and is a sinking ship. Every aspect of it is shady. The sales, the accounting and the handling of employees. Two days after I was hired I inquired from the Human Resources Manager, Donna, exactly what I was? I was told that I was a 1099 worker. I asked then how it was they could offer me health insurance. I was told by Donna that they can offer 1099’s Health and the 401K, yet my contract states I get all other company benefits as well.

Still confused about my classification, I then went to James, the operations manager and since he was new he would have to get back to me. Never did. I then brought up the concern with a higher up of the company, Rose, and voiced my concern that if I was a 1099 why is she offering me employee benefits such as PTO, 2 Week Vacation, Sick Days, Holiday Pay, etc.? I then stated that I would be more than happy to be a TRUE 1099. She said she would look at the contract but, never got back to me.

I was not told I was a 1099 worker at any point of the hiring process. I had to ask for clarification two days after my employment, which I never got. Now, after being there for a month I realized that they do not want to pay their portion of my taxes but, yet wanted full control of me. They never treated me as a 1099 worker. I was deceived from the beginning. I was tricked. Everything in that contract states I am an employee given employee benefits. Nothing states that I am a 1099 contract worker. I did not realize I had to read between the lines.

They also ripped me off on BOTH of my pay checks. They have an extremely high employee turn over. They spend more time chastizing their workers than moving on to company growth. They bring people to tears as they tear them down. The company is in the business of scammimg as you will see below the court docket from Oracle accusing them of stealing code and making false representations to their clients. They scam their clients, their employees, and the IRS! DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! RUN! RUN! RUN!

Below is public information. A court docket from Oracle against DLT Business Systems

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