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  • Jun 2, 2015

I have repeatedly gotten threatening emails and phone calls from "Fast Cash Services" for months now! They tell me that I have gotten a pay day loan from them and now owe them this money. I never recieved any money from ANY payday loan services! They are threatening to send me to court and possibly jail for not paying this back! I ended up finding a actual phone number for the company (Fast Cash Services) and called and they had no reccord of me ever filing with them and that it was most likely a scam!

  • Sep 9, 2014

This company told me I have 48 hours to pay 3876 for something. They leave no address the phone number id's through a switch board the company doesn't exist through any state or BBB. I forwarded the email to the FBI and local police they told me it was fraud. They said it was four a cash advance from January 2012. I have never needed a pay day loan in my life and would never get a loan online inn the first place that's what my bank is for.I asked for proof they told me they don't have to provide that info to me but to be ready to be arrested and lose everything I own. I was told they will take my cars my house and everything inside it. I told them I will be waiting for them with my attorney.

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