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Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address 11300 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr St N Suite 300
Phone (888) 322-7007
Website www.fedbizaccess.com/

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  • Jul 24, 2014

I get an email from fake people by the names of Kim Wilson and Linda Smith from Fed Biz Access almost weekley.

I have called to try to talk with these people at 888-322-7007 and they keep directing me to sales. I have found out that these people are not real. The company uses them to send out thousands of un solicited emails on a daily basis. This is totally illegal. The company will not remove you from email lists and claim you have to unsubcribe to each email. This is crazy

BTW the service they sell is crap and can be had for free at fbo.gov, I had to listen to this trying to unsubscribe from this email spam. This company uses what appears to be releavant government emails to target businesses with their ripoff and scam. Run from this company. They have tons of similar complaints all over the internet. I hope someone shuts off this email scam so I dont have to click multiple unsubscribes.

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  • Jun 12, 2015

Sam which is a cage code I needed done at sam.gov for my construction company. The sales person said they do 40 cage codes a month not to worry- 40 times 600 bucks ?

tmr is a report they download free info from web, I bet it is from usaspending.gov or fpds fbo.gov (sba said)

a map is a smarta** telling you he cares and you have to call the government they didnt help me get a job.

I found them by needing my sam done, found them on google http://www.governmentcontractorregistration.org/contact-us.html yet then I had to go to the real site www.fedbizaccess.com

after sam I did a tmr and map which is not only all the research done but they help you get work. I was emailed a report and the map took all but one hour.

I called small business offices and ended up at a local sba office. They reviewed my TMR and said they can show me how to get the info I need and its up to a RFP to come out and me respond to it, no guarantees.

I spent 4 thousand dollars.

water under the bridge, Im not mad - be wary

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