Federal Armament

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Fort Smith
Address 5701 South 73rd Place
Phone 1-479-431-6769
Website http://www.fedarm.com/

Federal Armament Reviews

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  • Mar 12, 2018

Junk Ammo

Real simple this is junk, Stay away! Poor Quality and cheapest components equal reject quality ammunition. Three sqib loads out of 50 rounds. Accuracy was the worst I have ever seen when they come out of the barrel and the nastiest ammo I have ever shot.

Please don't waste your money on this.

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  • Aug 30, 2021

price gouging the american reloaders

you have priced your berdan primers so high it seems our wonderful liberals have the pricing gun and priced the hard working people who dont have that kind of money out of the market thats why we reload

  • Feb 21, 2017

300 Blackout Remanufactured Junk

I bought 500 rounds of FedArm 300 blackout 220 gr subsonic. I tried 8 rounds. 7 would not chamber in two different guns. I tried the forward assist, the unfired ammo was nearly impossibly to eject. I round chambered and fired.

I left two message, the phone goes direct to voicemail. No one called back in 5 days. I emailed, they give me their standard reply it was my problem but they would refund for unfired rounds if I paid the return shipping.

Avoid this company. Their ammo is junk.

  • Sep 24, 2016

Bait and Switch Specialists

Just received 1000 rounds of 119 Grain 9mm TMJ from Federal Armament LLC. The ammunition was advertised as having a Total Metal Jacket around a Hard Cast Lead-Antimony core that reduced barrel fouling.

We took them to the range for some plinking and after just 50-60 rounds, bullets were flying 6-8" off target at 5 yards!! Cleared and inspected the firearm and observed horrendous lead fouling. The fouling was so bad that I was able to peel away sheets and chunks of lead from the barrel with my fingers.

Clearly, These are NOT TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) bullets and they are furthermore, NOT a hard cast Lead-Antimony core bullet.

We are currently pursuing a replacement with actual TMJ ammo, or a full refund, including freight costs.

  • Mar 25, 2015

Won 500 rounds of 38 special +P ammo on gunbroker, and they sent out 380 acp. i have left messages and tried to email but now their gunbroker account is disabled. i tried to shoot this in my 380 and it wouldnt even cycle and got my pistol really dirty and covered in thick carbon. after many failed attempts i tracked down another number from the address and it went to a ups store in the same city, when i called the people didnt know anything about the ammo but told me it was a guy named neil mehta who had the box registered but they couldnt reach him with the info that was provided......tottal scam!!

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