Federal Bureau of Crime Investigations

Country United States
State Aruba
City Los Angeles
Address 2193 West Chester Pike

Federal Bureau of Crime Investigations Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2014

These people have SO many different company names. The common names for the people on the phone are Off. Jack Brown. Off Shawn, Jack Brown's supervisor. They claim that I owe money for an unpaid cash advance, which I never have had, These people call from so many different phone numbers, BUT, they say the same thing each time. They are threatining by saying they will come to your job or your home with the cops and they will take me to jail. They call EVERY DAY. I have been pleasant, I have been evil.

Yesterday, Jack Brown leaves a message and says this is his LAST call, Well, guess what he called at 6a and 10am this morning. I will hang up on them and they call right back. I can try to talk over them nothing works. I now will have to change my phone number, which I really don't want to do. The main thing is that these people have my entire life information. It's very scary. I read other reports and it seems to be happening around the United States. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS !!!!!

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