Federal Bureau of Investigation

Country United States
State Bahamas
City Washington
Address 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Phone (202) 324-3000
Website www.fbi.gov

Federal Bureau of Investigation Reviews

  • Aug 6, 2014

I am reporting the supposed fbi in that they said that there was 5,900,000.00 dollars wating for me but i had to give them 250.00 in return before i could recieve the mony which is totally ridiculous

  • Jul 14, 2014

I filed a multiple death threat reports to the so called "fbi" over a week ago. the police claim they have no computers to trace the person threatening me. Called the "fbi" and they hung up on my approximately 14 times now. to even speak to an agent you have to put up with extremely rude so called "tip line operators." once you get to a so called, "agent," they are extremely rude. they couldn't care any less about doing the job they are supposed to do. still haven't received a call back about the person sending me death threats. called again; this week......"dispatcher" hung up on me. called back again....old lady would not take message for agent; amber didn't offer to take message for agent. the idiot just says, zachary isn't here and hangs up on you.

the fbi has been doing dirty for decades; same as you local police departments; most people have no clue what's going on because their familiarity with police and agents is that of a 12 yr old that watches the news once a week for info.

agents and cops/detectives:

1. constantly lie on the stand.

2. constantly plant evidence and frame people.

3. constantly write reports full of lies and slander in federal documents(which naive, stupid so called, "judges" actually read as "true," since it's coming from a "sworn," "officer" who is considered flawless in integrity.

4. constantly falsify stories after their so called "special weapons and tactics" "swat" punks; oops i mean swat team of noble gun operators shoot kids, dogs and people on purpose and already have a story cooked up between the team to put in the testimony and reports.

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