Fraud Warning For a TEFL Tecaher Job Scam Review

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Fraud Warning For a TEFL Tecaher Job Scam Review Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2021 is a new alias company name for and same office and phone numbers - only different websites)

these people out of the u.K. Do not even deserve one star. They have an online history of cheating and lying to teachers, schools, and students going back to 2007 that is detailed at, and also at and here https://www.Tefl.Net/forums/viewtopic.Php?F=11&t=8900 and By changing their names and always running blind ads, they never run out of victims. How did they cheat me?

1. Made me buy their tefl course in order to get a job i selected from a choice of 10 that paid $4,000 per month in taiwan

2. After i flew to taiwan 10 days before my start date to find and rent and apartment, i was told that my position was already filled by the principal who said she found a bi-lingual teacher according to john at onlinetefl. I went to the school to confront the principal and she had no clue who i was or what job i was talking about, but if i pad her $1,000 she would hire me on a part time basis at $20 an hour with only 10 guaranteed hours a month!

3. When i called back john he told me "jump on a plane to shanghai and then take a bus for 7 hours to a place called changsha where there was another guaranteed full time job waiting for me immediately and that the school would reimburse my travel expenses that school never reimbursed my $2,100 of travel expenses)

4. The changsha school hired me at $3,000 a month but when pay day came, i was paid the equivalent of $950. The principal claimed that all new teachers work on a probationary period for 90 days and during that time i was only going to be paid 50% of my wages. The rest of the missing money was taxes and a room the size of 6 feet by 5 feet at a hostel that was right next to the public toilets that were never clean once in the month that i was there.

5. I could not survive or pay my student loan unless i was really paid the full $3,000 that was promised to me. After i told john that i wanted all my money refunded he simple hung up and never took my calls again and sent me a text message with their tiny 5 point font "refund policy".

i got fucked up the ass by these people at onlinetefl and another teacher later told me the taxes were fake and the 50% of my reduced salary was split between the principal and onlinetefl.!

they as scoundrels that need to be shot by a firing squad imo. The owner is a greedy fucker named rex.

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