Gary's Lawn Service

Country United States
State Australia
City Colorado Springs
Address 3209 Serendipity Circle or 2345 Academy Place
Phone 7194592000

Gary's Lawn Service Reviews

  • May 12, 2014

Gary's Lawn Service is definitely one to avoid. The job was not done properly, so we called immediately asking someone be sent back to do the large areas of areation that were missed. Because the areation was done so poorly, it's easy to assume the fertilizing was either done just as poorly or not at all. We asked for a redo. We were promised a redo on a specific day, but no one ever showed up. We called again. No response. We called again and asked for a refund. We got a return call promising a redo the next day. Again no one showed up. The flags have been marking our sprinklers now for almost three weeks. Gary's attitude is that if employees quit or something "prevents" him from keeping his word, it's the customer's problem, not his. He feels absolutely no obligation to deliver what was paid for or what was promised. He tries very hard to slander the customer, insinuate that he or she is the problem, find fault with a customer's character or personality or with anything that would put the focus on the customer and not the very shoddy, dishonest business owner, Gary Vogle. Once he has your money, you will not see it again and you probably won't get the service you paid for either. This man ought not to be in business.

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