Gaudin Ford

Country United States
State New York
City Las Vegas
Address 6625 Roy Horn Way
Phone 702-534-3094

Gaudin Ford Reviews

  • May 27, 2015

I really hate posting something negative about a company I have only done business with once. They didn't outright rip me off. But they were not helpful or accountable when I suffered a loss at their dealership. I was traveling from Utah to California when my 2009 F250 broke down just outside of Las Vegas. I had it towed to this dealership as I always have be truck repaired at a dealership. This one was the closest. It was dropped off on a Monday morning. When I spoke with the service adviser I was told my truck may sit awhile before being looked at as they are busy and their local customers get priority service. I understood and rented a car to finish my trip home. The only follow up call I ever received was when they had a diagnosis on my truck and an estimate for $1,600 to complete the repair. I gave them the go ahead to repair it. About two weeks passed and I called to check on the truck. The repairs were complete though I had no idea how long it had been repaired since no one bothered to call me. I rented a car and drove to the dealership to pick it up. I asked if I could road test it first to be sure it was repaired. I was told no I must pay for it first. I asked if an employee could go with me on a road test before I pay the bill. Again, I wanted to make sure it was repaired and again was told no. No problem. I understand I am an out of towner and they really don't know me. I paid the bill and went to retrieve my truck.

When I went to get inside I noticed the driver window was down. I was kind of surprised it would be parked with the window down. When I got closer I realized the driver side window was broken and all the glass was inside. I also noticed everything inside had been disturbed. Nothing was taken as I had removed anything valuable before I left it. I went back inside and spoke with the service adviser who said they had a couple vehicles vandalized over the weekend. When I asked what they planned to do about it he got all huffy and showed me where on my original invoice I had signed there is a disclaimer freeing them from any loss or damages to my vehicle. Okay, yes they have me there. I probably should have paid attention to what I signed. I asked for a copy of their police report and the adviser kind of snickered and said they don't bother the police with petty incidents like that. I spoke with the service manager who agreed with what the adviser had said. I then asked why no one bothered to contact me so I could at least made arrangements to have the window replaced before I drove from California to pick up my truck. I was told "sorry". I did call the police and the employees were right. They don't have time to bother with petty vandalism. I found a glass company in Las Vegas to replace my window. I am grateful to them. To be fair Gaudin did a good job of repairing my truck. I had no trouble with it going back to California and it still runs well today. I only wish they could improve their customer skills.

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