Gaughan Companies

Country United States
State Burkina Faso
City Forest Lake
Address 56 E. Broadway, Suite 200
Phone (651) 464-5700

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  • Jul 25, 2014

When construction happens in an adjacent unit, what are the protocols that are part of the association handbook? It is evident that the management company is not following them.

For two weeks, while the association office has been on vacation, residents have had to put up with excessive noise, sawing, dropping of objects , banging from units above.

There was no notification of construction plans that were to happen. There was no posting of building permits(rerquired by Ramsey county). There was no call returned by the association management. Residents tried to talk to the contractors, but they said that Greg gave them permission to work on a holiday. Does Greg have the authority to give this permssion? Staff have had two weeks of vacation, but residents cannot have a quiet holiday without disturbing noise.

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