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  • Aug 18, 2014

In March, I attended an auction at the local Holiday Inn. We are trying to save money to build a house to accommodate my newly adopted toddler and my disabled adult daughter, who is in a wheelchair. We need a house that is handicap accessible for her. I thought I may be able to pick up some reasonable jewelry and resell them to earn a profit.

I briefly was able to view several jewelry pieces through a glass case Premium Art Alliance had set up in the hotel room. They did not display appraisals. As the auction started, I got caught up in the moment and bid on too many pieces. The auctioneer, Gavin Abadi, showed the crowd appraisals that looked authentic, emphasizing the bid prices were way under the appraised values stated in the appraisals.

After the auction was over, I was surprised to learn I had "won" over 46,000 worth of jewelry. With tax and the 18% buyers premium, the total was over 56,000. I asked the girl at the desk what happens if a credit card does not go through and she said "it isn't pretty". I was afraid I may be beat up on the way to my car or arrested for not having enough credit available on my card, so I gave her three credit cards to settle my account. I walked out with the jewelry.

The next week I took he jewelry to a selling event at a trusted jewelry store in Jacksonville, FL. They were the first ones to deliver the shocking news. The jewelry was no where near the value the auctioneer or the appraisals had stated. I took the jewelry to a certified appraiser. He said the auctioneer and the appraisers should be in prison. He said the appraisals were bogus and the jewelry is fraudulent. He told me I should report them to the State Attorney. I filed disputes with my credit card companies. After several months, they came back to tell me they can not help. They said this should be handled in the court system. I can not afford lawyer costs it would take to sue these people.

I have since taken the jewelry to three other jewelers and appraisers. They all stated the same conclusion. I have tried to get a refund of the full value of the jewelry, plus tax and the buyers premium and Premium Art Alliance has refused to do so. They said in an email, they will refund the hammer price, which is way under what I paid for the pieces. Now they say they are working on paperwork for me to get any kind of refund and I have not heard from them in two weeks. I do not trust them. All I want is for this nightmare to be over and for them to return all the money I have in the jewelry.

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