GC Extract

Country Panama
State Afghanistan
Address P.O. BOX 0823-03411
Phone 31202170222
Website www.gcextract.com

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  • Apr 21, 2014

I found this deal on Dr. Oz's website for a diet supplement. I had read a little on it and thought it was a good idea for a free trial. I sent them my debit card information and waited. I never received my supplement in the mail. I saw that I was charged $89.95 on my card. I found the policy terms and it stated that after 14 days they were to charge me. It also stated that if I did not return the supplement I could be charged an additional fee. They gave two different emails, one for cancellation and one for support, and so I emailed both multiple times. I tried calling and could never get through. I was able to hot card my debit card and get a new one so they cannot charge me anymore. This is a scam and they should be shut down!

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  • May 14, 2015


This has to do with a free trial bottle as well, sounds like the same one, I was aware about the 14 day rule so I called the customer service number before the 14 days were up because my product did not arrive (it showed up 2 weeks later). I was told I was getting an extension of 2 weeks to try the product. I marked that on my calendar and called a couple days before the trial finished and tried to cancel then, the rep was asking the same couple questions about my usage, telling me she would give me a discount, blah blah blah,I kept saying I wanted to cancel, finally she said she would give me another extension for 2 more weeks, at this point I was annoyed and frustrated that she was not cancelling I just said yes give me an extension so I can get off the phone. So 2 days later my credit card is charged for the bottle! I called back about this and there is no notes on my file about the extension and it said I agreed to the discounted price, that is all wrong. so basically I was scammed into buying a bottle of this stuff that is wwwaaayyy over priced, even with the discount they throw out there. Not impressed at all, I've been tricked when all I wanted to do is cancel.

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