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Country United States
State Aruba
City Huntington Beach
Address 15261 Connector Ln
Phone 7143738545

GCI Energy Reviews

  • Jul 12, 2014

Did not receive what we were promised. We were told this would reduce our elec. bill we would be able to run our air cond. through the summer months.

None of the above was true. since this last summer was mild we only had it on in aug. We also changed most of our light bulbs to led. We have not added any new elec. items to our home.

Since Killon energy (gci solar) came into our lives we are paying almost $100.00 more a month for there system. There are only my wife and myself in our home.

At the end of our first yr. We received a bill from our elec. co. for $493.00. We were told by solar co. that we would have a credit. When they instilled it they said it was even producing more then what they estimated.

We called Edison our elec. co and they informed us that we were over our limit. So do the math 12x100 plus 493= $1693.00 more a yr. then before solar panels came into our lives

We did not go wild running up our elec. We called gci solar they sent someone out to check panels, said they were fine. We think if they are fine then they didn't install enough panels in the first place.

He told me the error is usually with elec. co on there (kwh) chargesWe have called the solar co. numerous times and they will not return our calls.

We waited a month before we wrote them a review so they could rectify this situation. I guess once you buy they don't know you.

We are retired and on a fixed income we hoped solar would help lower monthy bills. We would of been better off without the solar panels. They also pocked the rebate check of $4,ooo.oo.

Our total panel & elec. charge this yr. was $3,616.48. This makes us sick, we were taken advantage of.

How can these people get away with this.

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