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  • May 7, 2014

I received an e-mail from a woman named Gayle. I had responded to a job posting on craigslist. I was excited to see that she wrote back quickly (which is red flag number one) and she offered an OVER THE PHONE GROUP INTERVIEW. Now, I have been caught up in a scam before so I was very hesitant from this point on. Well, I went ahead and started the interview anyways, I mean it couldn't hurt. The recruiter kept saying ""US, WE, OUR"" diverting our attention away from the company name. Someone finally spoke up and asked the company name and he quickly said ""Global Domains International."" That was the ONLY time he said the company name while I was in the interview. Everything sounded kinda ""hokey"" from the start but I decided to keep listening to see where the catch was. It turns out you have to pay $10 a month to work for them! They say you can make profits up to $2000 in a week (which we all know is absurd). Profits are based on how many people you can either A) Get to buy their product or B) Get other people to sign up as associates. Needless to say I hung up the phone shortly after that.

I strongly suggest staying away from GDI and companies that are like them. I've been involved in one and all it was was a BIG hassle.



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