GE Capital Bank. Denny,Marshal Greene, Eric Foster

Country United States
State Bangladesh
Phone 7864624775

GE Capital Bank. Denny,Marshal Greene, Eric Foster Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2014

I applied for a loan online and started receiving phone calls in less than 30 mins. Ever since that day I filled out one simple form, I have been getting Harrassing call at all hours of the day and non-stop from the same company. They call themselves GE Capital Bank or cash advance america depending on their mood. I listened to the first pitch but decided it was a scam because they wanted me to purchase a "voucher" from green dot in the amount of $420. I told the middle eastern sounding man named Eric Foster that there was no way I was doing that and to take my name off of his list and do not call me again..However I continuously get these calls. They use pfofanity and sexual harrassing statements to me as well as to my 10 year old daught..They asked her if the can perform oral sex but not in those words. Now she is asking me what that means. I thank God that I didn't give them any money and I didn't get ripped off but I know that people tend to believe and trust people when they are in desperate situations so I am just spreading the word. Its been 3 weeks since I started receiving these call and I'm starting to think I should just change my number because it is apparent that they are not going to stop calling even though I told them thhat they are wasting their time. These men say some of the most derogatory. things that I have ever heard and to say them to a 10 Year old girl is just beyond disgusting. I am so fed up I almost broke my phone because of the frustration. I tried blowing a whistle in their ears and the next time they call I'm gonna open the hood of my car and blow the horn. I did not give them money but they do have alk of my personal. and banking information.

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