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GE Capital Retail Bank Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2014

I had applied for a poor credit personal loan.. Received call from John Hudson, GE Capital Retail Bank, phone # 772-933-4509... Stated that I had been approved for loan ... what was the amount I wished to borrow.. I stated I would like to borrow between $1000 and $5000 ... to pay off small credit cards, and to aide immediately with expenses. John told me I was approved for this and I could have $2000 deposited into my account within a hour. My interest would only be 10% simple.. I would pay $183 per month for 12 months to pay this loan. After making 3 - 4 payments on time my credit score would improve and I would be eligible for another loan.... There was no penalty for early payoff.. All he needed to do prior to deposit of the $2000 was to verify that I was financially capable to make this monthly payment... He stated this was a Federal Lending requirement because there had been defaults on loans by previous borrowers... He told me that GE Capital Bank was unable by law to access my bank account to verify funds in my account so I would need to purchase a green dot card to show that I had this money available up to $100 ... John assured me that this money was only for verification and would not be taken from a Green Dot Money Card... I would still have the money on this card available for purchases or to deposit back into my account... Eric stayed on the phone with me to talk me through the purchase of the Green Dot card... He then requested the card # for them "the accounting department" to validate the money I had placed on the card. He then instructed me that I would receive a call from my bank within 40 min confirming the deposit of $2000 .... he stated he would then call me back to confirm this.

I waited over an hour before calling John back. When I told him I had not received a call from my bank he stated there were some sort of computer issues/problems... but that the money would be in my bank account within an hour... ... Later that evening I checked my bank balance at an ATM and discovered funds had still not been deposited.. Becoming concerned I called Green Dot Money Pak to verify that my card was still loaded with the $300 .... They told me my card had been used and there was $0 balance available... I proceeded to file a claim to secure my funds... as I had been told no funds would be removed by GE Capital. I attempted to call Eric Johnson, GE Capital numerous times over the weekend and on Monday Nov 4... leaving several messages on Monday.... O

n Tuesday Nov 5 morning I received a call from John. He apologized that he had not called me as promised, He apologized again that the deposit of the $2000 had be delayed, proceeded to provide me with a loan # GE79465543 and then an insurance # 463584372.... He went on to explain that because my credit score was low the Federal Government Lending required me to have insurance that would make my monthly payment on this loan if I could not... but before he could release the hold on my $2000 or the $100 Money Pak funds I would need to provide proof of $160.. for the insurance... I became very angry, telling him he had lied to me and I was not going to provide him any further access to funds... I demanded my $100 returned... which I reminded him was never to have been taken from this card... Eric continued to try to convince me why I needed this insurance... why I needed to provide the now only $130 for 6 months insurance.... I demanded the $100. I reiterated that none of this had been mentioned in any previous conversations... that the money was never to come off my card and the loan was to have been deposited 3 business days ago... I have since contacted the BBB and Ge capital Retail Bank's fraud department.

  • Jul 17, 2014

Never do business with GE Capital Retail Bank P O Box 960061. Orlando, Fl. 32896 Nor Conn's !! They are rip offS. Even when you pay your bill in full: they will try to keep charging you interest and fees. I kept all my receipts and shoved it back in their face when they tried to get more money. They charge triple prices and the quality of their merchandise is poor. Wal Mart has better quality. Their customer service is rude and uneducatcted to say the least. Do not trust them. They are a big scam. They are just right out evil and deceoetfull

  • Jul 10, 2014


I fell unto some hard times and needed quick cash. Thougt they were a real compnay actually did some research on them, and didnt mind much. Below was the e-mail i sent back.


Yesterday 05/14/2014 i went through the process of getting the loan amount you offered. Im a little concerned because the money ($5100: 5000 and 100 in fees that i had to pay to get the money. ) i was very concerned that this was a scam. the money was supposed to be in there 45 mins later (call ended at 612 pm est) and David was going to call me back. I never received a call back and the money was never put in the account, and when i called back at 720 pm, i was told that because the banks were closed and that you (Daniel Gray) had left for the day that the money would be in here first thing in the morning. i realize it was later in the day and my bank closed at 6pm. [continued below].... .... i was fine with that.

It is now 10 am no money or phone call. I'm starting to feel uneasy about the situation. It was a long drawn out process of buying the Greendot money pack and pones calls back and forth. That was my last 100 dollars on the promise i was going to get it back with the loan. I did a little research and found some negative things, but David assured me it was not a scam, and that you are a legit loan company, have millions of people whom you've loaned billions of dollars ect. I used too work in a call center and still do, as well as working for a loan company and know the process. not once have i ever heard of someone paying money to get money at least not upfront. Once again i was reassured that because of the amount i was borrowing, and legal that was GE Capital Banks way of securing it. I have a 20 month old child emergencies happen, and sometimes coming up with the money is not the easiest. but having a bad feeling about something you did (taking out a loan) is worse. i don't want to have that sinking feeling, but the longer it takes the worse my feeling gets. I'm really trying not to be a worried mother, but i made a choice with David ext 414 reassuring me that this was not a scam and it was legit. i am not very happy. and really needed the money. 'Im calling this morning and get the mess "thank you for calling GE capital at the present moment we are assisting other customers, please leave a mess after the tone' I would like some sort of contact and or the money . Please! if not i would prefer my $100 dollars and not do business with your company.

Thank you

  • Jul 9, 2014

We opened this account to finance a sleep number bed. Average bed at best. I sent payments electronically to GE Credit and at first there were no problems. Then it took them 6 days to process a payment which resulted in a late fee which I didn't notice on my statement. I never have any late fees on any bills. The end result was late fees totaling $140. I reached a compromise with them. They said they would give me credit for half if I paid the total amount of late fees. They never did. They lied.

In order to keep late fees from happening again I startedd making payments long before the due date. I made a payment that was processed by GE on 03/05/2014 for a due date of 03/28/2014. They didn't use that as March's payment. Instead they just deducted it from the balance due. April's payment was processed by them on 04/03/2014 and their system used that as March's payment resulting in a late fee. Now because of their infliexible billing system, they say I owe $253, $218 regular payment plus $35 late for April's payment.

I attempted to resolve this with online chat. All their customer service is in India so I am sure you know what I was dealing with. The agent said she could do nothing. I have to make anoter April payment with the late fee to avoid another late fee.

I tell ya I am so sick of these people and their underhanded ways. I don't know whether to contact an attorney or not. GE should be run through the ringer for their sloppy handling of payments and their mafia style way of assessing late fees. A class action lawsuit should be in order or an attorney general of a state should run them through the ringer for their nefarious ways. At the least GE should be publicly chastised for their outsourcing of customer support.

I am open to any suggestions on how to handle this so that GE starts feeling some pain.

  • Jul 3, 2014

GE Retail Capital Bank handles credit card operations for many smaller companies, such as Aurora Animal Hospital, Discount Tire and in this case Blain's Farm and Fleet.

When you make large purchases you are told they are interest free as long as you pay the

minimum monthly payment on time and payoff the account before the interest free period

expires. They are very slow in processing payments and often take 6 to 8 days.

I had two active accounts with them and mailed the payments within a day of each other

at a major post office. The one that wasn't due to be paid off that month was processed

in about 6 days. The one that did need to be paid off somehow the check got lost in the

mail for almost three weeks! How convenient! None of my other payments were ever late.

Later when the Discount Tire final payment was due I sent it Priority Mail so that I'd have a

tracking number to prove not only that I sent it on time but that they received it on time

as well. That cost me about $5 which I shouldn't have had to do. I've attempted to explain this to them and they are adamant about not dropping the interest charges which in this case amount to almost $150 on a $600 purchase over a period of only 6 months. Even if they were entitled to it, which they're not, that still amounts of approximately 50% annual interest!

  • Apr 17, 2014

March 18, 2014 - GE Capital added a deceptive and excessive interest charge for $1229.17 in January 2014. Refuse to remove the charge. I noticed my account balance increased so I checked statements. In Jan 2014, $1229.17 interest was added to account ending in 8021. I called C/S and was yelled at and told I should have been reviewing my statements and that it is my fault that excessive charge is still there. After talking to two people there I cancelled the card and am now in process of filing complaints with all authorities about GE's deceptive and illegal practices.

Repsonse from GE Capital on April 1st via BBB- no refund of deceptive interest due to the fact I actually charged and used my credit card.

My response back: Yes, I used my credit card that's what it is for, but I didn't sign up for any scam or promotional deal that would cost me $1229.17 in interest and this is not a license to gouge me. I also responded back, since I've learned of GE Captial's scam, that the Consuer Financial Bureau along with a few other agencies have ordered GE to refund the money they've scammed tfrom heir customers. I also asked GE Capital Retail to send me the signed promotion that I supposedly I engaged in because I was NOT aware of any promotion.


i have since filed a complain with confumser Finance as well as the Attorney General. If you've been scammed by GE Capital please let consumer Affairs know: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at

To date, no refund. I refuse to pay the gouge. I will pay what I owe, but since receiving ill treatement from the manager of C/S, then the respondent to my BBB Complaint, I do not plan to pay one cent more than I charged for the service. Consumer;s cannot allow themselves to be exploited.

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