Country United States
State Aruba
City Corona del Mar
Address 2435 E Coast Hwy
Phone (949) 675-2518

GotCarWash Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2014

I got signed-in through Grupon and all went well for the first three weeks. While the quality of the car washes was less than desirable but since I was able to wash my car often in a convenient location I saw no problem.

On the last week of the initial month the manager/owner of my assigned carwash, LOS FELIZ HAND CAR WASH 3013 LOS FELIZ BLVD, started accusing me of being an Uber driver and berated me in front of other customers for washing my car too often (2 times a week). I called the 1.855.WASH-247 to cancel my subscription but the person on the line convinced me to give another carwash a try with the assurance that I would have ample opportunity to cancel thereafter if I was not satisfied with the new location.

The new location is very inconvenient to me and the quality of the washes proved abysmal. I tried to call to cancel on another occasion but was unsuccessful. I did use the service at the new location twice to give it a fair trial; the first time was on the first month's fee and the second time was the day after they charged my credit card for another month.

When I saw the charge on my credit card I called again to cancel but was informed that because I had used it once already they would not refund my monthly membership fee. They cancelled my account but no refund... What a rip-off!

  • Jul 31, 2014

While I was at work, a woman came into my store selling a car wash coupon. The coupon stated that you could have free car washes for five weeks, (35 days), for only $25.00. While registering online for this pass, I saw an outrageous hidden fee of $29.99 for a standard price, in addition to the $25.00 I had paid already. This is a complete scam. Be careful when salespeople approach you, there may be hidden fees with the thing they are selling you.

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