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  • Dec 6, 2014

I contacted Don Goodman, self made guru of got the job and paid 280 dollars for a resume. I had to wait a month to really get the process starting, that's how long it took for Goodman to find a writer for my resume. He came up with several excuses in the process. After one month, I finally get in touch with my writer. My writer is a retired person who obviously when we spoke wasn't interested at all to hear about my resume requirements, but instead tells me sentimental work stories from her past. A bit pissed, I put down the phone expecting the so called interview by an expert to be more about me rather than my writer. I e-mail the writer asking if they needed more information for my resume, they e-mail me back saying they have plenty information. Two weeks later my draft is ready. A draft full of spelling mistakes, where every sentence from my old resume and my questionaire I filled out for Goodman, is copied exactly the way I wrote it onto the template. The template document contains grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, typos, and badly copy pasted information from my original resume. My entire job history was mixed up and copy pasted in the wrong spots.This resume writing service doesn't even deserve a dollar for the resume they give you, it's absolutely horrible! I ended up getting a refund cause I threatened to file a complaint. Please do never hire their services. All the reviews you read about them online are fake and most prob. written by Goodman and his team.

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