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State Afghanistan
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  • Apr 22, 2014

I purchased a transmission after being reassured it would be warrantied. I had it installed by an ASE shop and it was ok. I barely drove it until I was able to pay to reinstate my license and insurance. Once I started driving it well under the 12,000 miles and 1 year it was revving loudly and not switching gears. I contacted them about the warranty and they ignored me and flat out refused to honor the warranty stating that I never "activated" the warranty, even though I provided the VIN # and mileage upon ordering the part. I sent several emails and called several times. They ignored me and played games transferring me to different people who claimed they were the manager. Since then I had to pay another mechanic to repair the faulty transmission and he said it was used (not rebuilt). They have caused me stress and now I know better. I am writing this so that others will see what I didn't see upon placing my order. Thanks and HAVE A GREAT DAY.