Gourmet Grocery

Country United States
State Florida
City Pinellas Park
Address 6553 46th St. North, #905
Phone 727-289-5742

Gourmet Grocery Reviews

  • May 30, 2015

The Gourmet Grocery representative was not honest when he told me that all of the meat he was selling was "organic, with no antibiotics, hormones or preservatives used". When I told him I was allergic to garlic, he told me there was no garlic in the marinades on the chicken....that was not true either. I admit I should have asked for documentation of all of his statements before buying, instead of believing him. He left me a small brochure, which says nothing about the claims I mentioned above.

When he left I searched for the company on my computer and saw nothing but complaints. I actually tried to stop payment on the check I gave him but he had already cashed it with 10 minutes of leaving my house! I tasted the meat and it was tough and tasted awful.

As far as trying to return the products I purchased, no one ever answers the phone when I call and the address is simply a garage door and no one is ever there, as far as I can tell. So returning the items is nearly impossible.

He was a fast-talking salesman, making claims that were not true.I look back on it now, and there were so many "red flags" that I should have seen...like, " don't tell your neighbors the good price I gave you", and "in reference to my check I was writing, "what bank is that? Where do I cash that check?"

This was an expensive learning experience, to say the least. I hope by writing this, I prevent someone else from making the same mistake.

  • Oct 30, 2014

A dorr to door salesma from Gourmet Grocery narrived at mycondo door and provided the name of a neighbor who he claimed had orderd goumet meats and seafood from them...but he had just discoverd she was away. After a very hard sell, he convinced me I was buying a box of wild salmon and a box of roundhouse steaks. .He seemd aernetst about their "high qulity." Finally i bought them, only to disover the salmon wqs the kind of prepckaged precooked processed fish drowning in a strnge tomato sauce which -- with no hinto of being wild or Norwegion in taste. There was no phone number on the reciptt and the card he left on the table he put back in his pocket, I have no way of returning them...

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