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  • Sep 11, 2014

I have been buying items on govdeals for several yearas, always paid promptly after the auction and picked up the items soon after. most recent item I bought I did the same and called the seller and made pick up arrangements and when I went for the pick up the person who was supposed to do the paperwork and hand the item was not there. I waited then was sent to three different locations without success. I went home and called godeal's customer service requesting to cancel the sale. I was told I was completely at the mercy of the seller and they could do nothing regardless of whether the seller followed their obligations or not. the seller wanted me to ga back and go thruogh the wild goose chase again which did not want to do (spend several hours again for a 200 dollar item) the seller then considered me in default and would not refund my money and on top of it I get an emeil from govdeal's legal department telling me they locked my account (which I had already closed) and asking me to pay a penalty on top of that.

This is a company that has no respect for itself or it's customers, bidder beware!

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