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Governor John Kasich Ohio Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2015

Governor Kasich can't fix the mess at the Ohio State Medical Board, and continues in his second term to suspend women MD medical licenses for reporting bad care, for doing their job, and for being difficult - not going along with 'boys being boys.' Thyroid diagnoses are missed all the time in women patients, and reported as 'personality disorders,' because the men - and the Executive Directors - don't know how to 'read' the lab work. Because men for the most part don't get thyroid disorders, and the Executive Directors are lawyers who find criminals in the wallpaper at 77 South High.

One woman MD has had her license taken for a thyroiditis being misdiagnosed - she just needed a new right Ohio psychiatrist per the guy-run Ohio State Medical Board - when she needed synthroid and a set of thyroid function tests. This woman MD is in the Data Bank as a 'threat to patients,' when it was her care that the Board Members screwed up - leaving someone without adequate treatment of a thyroid disorder can kill. Which is the idea in Ohio. The only threat that the woman MD represents, is a liability threat - but the Ohio Medical Board is too lazy to write a non-suit agreement to end the false case(s). It's a game for Governor Kasich - wasting taxpayer monies, and Ohio physician careers.

Governor Kasich continues to appoint attorneys, real estate developers, and others who have no knowledge of Medicine, or medical care problems and mistakes, to the Medical Board. If you don't know anything about Medicine, you are a shoe-in is the joke. That used to be the joke about getting into CWRU Medical School - spend a year on a sheep farm in Australia, be a social worker with 5 kids - and you were guaranteed admission. Now the joke is about the Medical Board.

The current Executive Director of the Medical Board: AJ Grover is an attorney, and a guy - who probably hates women MDs. AJ Grover is the latest choice - the 4th in 4 years. Ohio is one of the last states to have 'confidential' physician complaints, to not allow physicians 'care-to-function,' to have no medical mistake laws, and to have absolutely no due process at the State Medical Board - it's a guy free-for-all - just like football. Reforms were needed at the Ohio State Medical Board 20 years ago - the opening of all the confidential files - the stacks of false cases.

Then there's the revolving door of the Executive Director's Office - currently the person is AJ Grover - only no one knows who AJ Grover is except for being an attorney, and why should he have access to women MD medical records or evaluations that detail sexual experiences & ob-gyn records - PAP smears. The Ohio State ordered forensic evaluations are all about sex: what experiences the woman MD has had with the opposite/same sex interests the Medical Board more than the fact that the woman MD practices above-average Internal Medicine care - that she knows what she is doing outside of the bedroom is not discussed - for 20 years. it's all about counseling to 'go along,' to 'understand' male MDs whose wives can't understand them - whose wives married them for the money.

Then there is the horrible possibility that Governor Kasich will be a Republican VP Candidate - when he can't run the State Medical Board.

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