Goyt Distribution Ltd T/A ScooterCity.co.uk

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Marple, Stockport
Address 4th Floor, Goyt Mill Upper Hibbert Lane
Phone 0161 883 0054

Goyt Distribution Ltd T/A ScooterCity.co.uk Reviews

  • May 28, 2015

I purchased an electric scooter from this ompany as a present for my young boy.

it arrived poorly packaged and upon opening the packaging found the scooter to be damaged in sevral places.

i retunred the item withing the time frame the asked after many phone calls and being left on hold for up to 45 minutes waiting to get through on a number of occassions.

Funny how when you are calling to place an order you get through so much quicker?? hmmm

They promise within their terms and conditions a refund within 14 days yet 21 days later they still havent even inspected my retunred scooter which needs to happen before they will refund me my money?

They provided me with absolutley no explanation as to why the inspection of my scooter was taking over 3 weeks to perfrom and they act completely with contempt to the customer and the morons havent yet worked out that the most successful companies on the planet...Amazon come to mind... .have become so successful partly due to how easy they make it to return goods and to get a refund.

Avoid this company at all costs

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