Grace Trucking

Country United States
State Czech Republic
City Brownsville, Tennessee
Address Margin Street
Phone 7316955039

Grace Trucking Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2014

Grace Trucking owned by Larry Fitts and William Benard is a small fleet formerly leased to C and M Transport. Pay: you will be paid a percentage. About 22%. What they do not tell you is that the 15% broker fee remained active even after they acquired their own authority. There is no 15% fee for the company since they are now operating under their own authority. So although you make 22% it is after 15% is taken. So you get 22% of 85%. HOS: you will be given loads on a regular basis that require you to break federal law. Although we all do it, esp when it benefits us such as when we are going home, you will be assigned loads that are outrageous. I was asked to run for over 30 hours with no rest. Of course they cover their self by saying if you get too tired don't drive but it costs YOU bc they will take your loads away from you. You run loose leaf logs. Enough said. Tickets and Fines: they do not cover usually. Everything goes to the driver which is fair enough. But after recieving a citatikn for being overweight, they told me to turn it in and they would cover that one because they were partly responsible in this particular case. Not only did they not pay it, they did not tell me they did not pay it. So I received a letter from the Dept of Safety and Homeland Security threatening to SUSPEND MY CDL FOR FAILURE TO SATISFY CITATION. That alone is bad enough. Perhaps they forgot. But when told they lied even though they had possession of the citation. Then they attempted to blackmail me into hauling loads for them to get them to pay this 6 month old ticket. Equipment:

trucks are old ad they do not send help. I was left stranded 3 times with a broken down truck. Their trailers are old and most are damaged. At least half of their 6-8 trailers are on reject lists at multiple factories. Bottom line: they steal 15% every week, run junk, won't send help, run extremely over HOS, and are willing to let you lose your CDL to save money. Drivers and customers beware. **They do have a dispatcher named Mark who is an honest, hard working dispatcher who cares about drivers. However, he can't stand up against the corruption because the sign his check too. But kudos to Mark!

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