Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 4231 Guilford Ave
Phone 317.286.8548
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  • Jul 6, 2015

My partner and I puchased SPRAY CAN CAPS from the website for our friend who is opening an art supply store in Indonesia.

My indonesian friend doesn't earn lots of money and nor do I for the country I live in but I felt like he's someone who deserved the help, maybe i will get good karma for the things I've done for him.

We spent $125.99 roughly on 500 spray can nozzles/caps/tips - we used our friends email to send the receipt too, they got confirmation and were so appreciative of our help. its been almost 40 days now since that came through and they have received no product, no contact and my partner and I have made NUMEROUS attempts at contacting the company through FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, EMAIL etc etc.

We have not heard back from the company at all.

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