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State Costa Rica
City Chesterbrook
Address 701 Lee Road, Suite 300
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Gramercy Group Reviews

  • Dec 24, 2014

I just read the most recent posting about Michael Gale and Gramercy Commodities. While I did find it amusing, it sounds like something Michael Gale and his minions would post. This information couldn't be further from the truth. Mr. Bruno, and many, many others; clients, contractors, employees were all conned, lied to, and ripped off to the tune of millions of dollars. Mr. Bruno never accepted any monies, nor did he promise investment monies to any companies. Michael Gale, Gramercy Private Equity Holdings, Asia Brand Tech, PEGG, and the various Internet shell companies designed by Michael Gale are the true con artists. Michael Gale and his wife, Amy Swartz-Gale have been living off other people's money for close to 15 years. Michael Gale employed the same tactics around the same time he was chased out of Australia, after he was forced into Bankruptcy. Michael Gale has no other recourse but to place the blame of his failures onto those who were naive enough to believe he was legitimate to begin with. As for Mr. Bruno and his "mafioso" affiliations, well no one really knows if that is true, or not. I do know that Mr. Bruno will be taking Michael Gale and his partners to task, and this latest episode is just the ammunition the authorities investigating Gramercy and Gale will enjoy reading over the holidays.

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