Grand Crowne Resorts/Surrey

Country United States
State Czech Republic
City Pigeon Forge
Address 229 whistling wind way
Phone 8654289055

Grand Crowne Resorts/Surrey Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2014

Like so many others it seema, three years ago my wife and I attended the presentation for these timeshares and were shown all kinds of plans. There was supposed to be numerous units with a playground waterpark tennis courts etc. After being pressured over and over we ended up relenting and agreeing in good fairh to purchase a time share with Grand Crowne.

We were sold on the exhange opportunities with Interval I ternational and told we could use the facilities at Branson Mo as well. We authorized billing direct from our account and they would debit us then call telling us we haven't paid demanding more money. There are numerous phone numbers you have to go through to speak to anyone. You always get the run around with them and they blame it on one of the other departments. Never get straight answers out of anyone.

Three years after purchse we tried to book for a weekend and were told the units were full. We went anyway and got a hotel room in Gatlinburg and decided to ride by to see the property. There are two other multi unit buildings complete aside from the original show cabin and another unit under construction which looks to have been abandoned. The property past this is fenced off and no other progress has been made.

There is no club house no water park no tennis courts nothing but a muddy hillside and the sales office. Speaking to someone on the phone about it we were told that when demand went up they would build more. Excuse me how can demand go up if you have nothing available for anyone? Also what does demand have to do with ammenities? I want to know how I can get out from under this time share I feel they are hucksters perpetrating fraud with no intent to deliver.

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