Grand Mayan Puerto Villarta

Country Mexico
State Longueville
City Puerto Vallarta
Address Pasa de la Marina Sur #220 Marina Vallarta
Phone 013222266002

Grand Mayan Puerto Villarta Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2014

We purchased an interest in this time share with the understanding that it was our ""vacation home"" and that internet services were available. Now, for the second time, we encounter price gouging, poor service, absent technical support, and the attitude that it isn't our fault or under our control because it is outsourced. For our ""home"" we are charged 950 pesos per week, and a possible reduction for the second machine....for a family of five this is several hundred dollars. what we get is something ranging from no to limited access and technical support that is either unavailable or that just doesn't answer the phone. We are told by the staff that it isn't their fault because it is an outsourced service. The absence of service might have been irritating but grudgingly accepted 10-15 years ago....but not now. If you have any interest in getting quick access on your vacation don't even think of ""investing"" in this timeshare known as ""the Bliss"" or ""vida"".. They seem to have neither insight nor the resources needed to deal with a contemporary executive on vacation with family with relationship to internet access needs.

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