Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Country Mexico
City Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco
Address Av Costera SN HL2 Marina Vallarta
Phone 52.01322292003

Grand Velas Riviera Maya Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2015

My negative experience began when I was called in our room and offered a "free 4 night vacation" if I listened to their pitch... "not a time share" they said. I asked them to call back in a few while we considered. They called back and I asked very very specific questions related to the vacation:

ME: Are there any black out dates.

Reply: No;

ME: Is it the vacation at this property in the same room type as we are in now?

Reply: Yes this hotel and same room type/class

ME: Are there any costs?

Reply: Just pay the All Inclusive fee for each day

Me: How much are those fees?

Reply $100-$200 per night, depending on the property you choose.

Long story short, we attended the presentation to fork over $100k for prepaid vacations in the future. We declined and left. Later realizing that we did not receive anything regarding the vacation. We had our concierge call them and get the voucher. When we got back to the US we called the number on the voucher and found out that not only were the All inclusive fees more, but the trip was only for the ZEN area, not the beach front Grand Class where we had just stayed. In the end the "FREE" trip's all inclusive fees made the per night cost identical to the cost of booking the hotel directly online. Not to mention in the jungle area vs beachfront.


Now this is where it get's interesting. I then reach out to the manager of the vacation club department, Paul Rado. I explain that did not get what I was promised. He immediately points the finger back at me, and says no way was I promised same class, or $100-$200 AI fees and accused me of trying to take advantage of him. This went back and forth for a while and then he discloses that all phone calls were recorded. I said " GET THE RECORDINGS". After a week or so he replied that he had listened to the recordings and they completely supported his stance. I asked him to provide a copy of the recordings. He does not respond for a week or two, then says he made an error and actually listened to another guest's recordings and that so much time had passed that my recordings had be deleted.


So, my next message was to Leticia Fernandez the manager of the Grand Class area of the resort. I explained that I was an unhappy guest of her area of the resort and would like her to get involved. Only responses she provided (when she actually returned my emails) was that it was a different department and she couldn't do anything. My latest email asked her for contact information for Paul Rado's Supervisor and the Manager of the resort as a whole. She is now not returning emails.

So now I am writing this review in hopes that someone will care enough to make this situation right. Or at least to share my experience so other potential guests can choose a different hotel and avoid being scammed.

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