Grandvally Lakes

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Saulsbury
Address 405 Grand Valley Drive
Phone 7313760116

Grandvally Lakes Reviews

  • Apr 24, 2014

Worst place to buy property . was lied to from the start the gm at the time said my property has septic an also 2 water sorces all complete lies cost me 3000.00 for those lies, they are supposed to be a comunity but really just a collection of good ol boys an gals who do what ever they want i live on the trailer side an we are treated as under class people even though i had the money to buy a house on the other side i chose to live here.. an there are some real winners around here ive been shot at sitting on the dock fishing along with 5 other people who 1 of them had made someone mad an they spent 2 weeks in jail an were free lol gotta love hardamen co tn they choose what rules they want to inforce an for who , they have rigged elections an basicly if u buy here you will pay for a bad place to stay for the rest of your life , the house side of the lake will be main concern if they dont like you they will bagger you till you go away or fine you till your broke then take your property or if like me you dont use any of there bs aminitys an stay to your self then you just have to hope that u have good neighbors .i have asked to not be a member of this community an to not be apart of this an basically get a devorce from grandvally lakes an to know avale they want to keep getting my 1100 a year for dues an tell you what u can an cant do as they dont go by the rules themselves if i had to do all over I WOULD NEVER MOVE HERE OR TELL ANYONE ELSE TOO, IT SUCKS YOU DONT GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH AN WILL PAY FOR A RIGGED SYSTEM THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AN IF U MAKE THEM MAD THEY WILL TURN OFF YOUR WATER AN CHARGE U 300.00 TO 1500.00 TO GET IT BACK ON SAVE YOUR SELF THE TROUBLE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM

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