Grandview Resorts-Las Vegas

Country United States
State Afghanistan
City Las Vegas
Address 9940 S Las Vegas Blvd,
Phone 7029664700

Grandview Resorts-Las Vegas Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2014

I too was sucked into the whole timeshare and gold rown rresort of the grandveiw. Alden Hale was our sales person he totaly lied to use or should I say used false promissses and wording to get a sale. My girlfrienb and I where in Vegas for a long weekend we both love to travel and go to All Inclusive resorts. When where going thru the process or the sales spill Alden showed us us in the RCI book where it said AI which stands for All Inclusive at this point we where excited and At this point he said how do you like me now! I again asked arer you sure All Inclusives are included he said yes she it show AI which means Inclusive And I said I know it shows AI is it included he said yes you are buying into the Gold Crown resort and can go anywhere and trade whith people for different locations and vacations I said really we can do that yes you cab how do like me now. Alden kept saying that to use when we where doing our walk thru or tour he was telling us how he was a cancer survivor so we where getting to know Alden a little better. So we went back to the sales area and and he said what do you think? We said it all sounds great but we want to make sure the ALL INCLUSIVES are included he said give me a minute ALden came back with his Manager Ray who also insured us that ALL INCLUSIVES where part of our GOLD CROWN. Ray left and Alsen said I can give you a better price on your 2 bedroom so how do you like me now again Alden said. Show but the 3k plus down. We came back and tried to book a trip to Jamaica and was told we would have to pay the ALL INCLUSIVE fee of $250pp a Day that was 500 and it would have cost us 6K for the trip it was cheaper to book it thru expedia. I called Alden Hale right away and told him what we found out and his response was to late you have already sighned the papers. I tried working with Ray which is Aldens boss no luck there either. These people lied to dale there timeshare and was very fraudulant about it. Now 6 hyears later they have but a judgement on my creidt report preventing me from buying a house! Has anyone got advise or a lawyer I can use to sue them Eldorado Alden and Ray? I think somethinh should be done about this company and its sales team for the misrespentation of its product just to make a sale!

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