Grange Insurance Companies

Country United States
State Colombia
City Cincinnati
Address P.O. Box 740604
Phone (800) 445-3030

Grange Insurance Companies Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2014

Regina . Around jan. 23 2014 i went to grange auto insurance co. I had to go to court jan. 27 needed proof I was insured.

I explained to rep. I just wantedfor that reason. I did not have full amount called a friend who agreeded to help me that one time since I had to be in court on the 27th. of jan,14. He gave rep his debit card no. and agreeded to a one time payment off $66.00 I gave rep. $40.00 total $106.00.Around september 20th. Mr. Nobles descovered they had been taking payments out of his account every since feb.2014 without his permissionor knollege.He informed me sept 20th.14 I inturn contacted grange ins. who told me I had given them permission to do so. I told them I thought if I never sent any more payments in it would be canceled . also I no longer owned a car there was no car to insure I had junked the car it no longer worked. I asked them sept.20th.14 to stop taking money from mr. nobles . on sept. 21 I called them back to make sure they had stoped taking his money ,the computerised answering device informed me my account no longer exsisted on 3 occasions. then I went to the location for the grange co.where I was told they had taken another payment,an to get out of their esstablishment, I was told now our business was finished,an he said good bye , goodbye ,goodbye, at this time he turned his back and started talking to a lunch partner refussing to ackknollege I was still there. Mr. nobles had $56.67taken from his account 2/23/14 til 6/23/14 then they renewed the policy without telling me an on 7/23/14 til 9/23/14 took $45.17.Mr. nobles cannot see an had sugery on one eye thats when he noticed this situation. Mr, nobles is a 74yr. old man on a fixed income, an would like to have his money back.I am a 59yr. old disabled friend who has not had a car since feb.22nd 14 when the transmission stopped working. Mr.nobles is out of 321.34 minus tghe $16.00 check they sent me after they got whatever they did not want him to have out of this months take after I tryed to stopped them from continuing to take money for a car that do not exsist. Is there any way you can help mr, nobles get his money back. Also Mr. nobles never gave grange,or myself permission to take his money.Nor did they have the right to renew a policy without asking or telling any one.Mr. nobles can be reached at 216-xxx-xxxx , I can be reached at . Thank You

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