Hair Club

Country United States
State East Timor
City McLean
Address 7900 Westpark Drive

Hair Club Reviews

  • May 5, 2014

Ok, so where do I begin. Let me start by saying that by choosing this company I made the worst choice in my life. Imagine a company taking 400-500 dollars from your bank account every month automatically w/out being able to give you appts to actually use the service because they are always low on resources , giving you a sub-standard service (hair cuttery's service is 10 times better), giving you awful haircut that i wouldn't even spend $ 14 outside, almost always getting the wrong order, size, color, etc. and then arguing with you. Imagine your head being shaved off from the middle because of using them and then being stuck with them. Don't Do It!!! I have been with them for over a year now and have seen almost all of their stylists, so believe me when I say that they don't know what the heck they are doing. All they know is how to glue a matrix to your head after getting it wrong a few times or applying too little or too much glue. Other than that please don't expect them to either have the time or skills to give you a decent haircut, hair color or style. The only person who knows how to cut hair is their supervisor who only sees selected few people. Rest are ALL bad. They also keep constantly complaining about the mgmt. and are usually in a foul mood. Recently a couple of them had a list of names of people in their room w/ the type of package those people have purchased and what they need to have them convince to upgrade. One the stylist was hell bent on having me upgrade n proceeded to convey me by telling me that I am getting a very cheap product by spending over $5000 per year and must upgrade otherwise my skin is going to have issues by using the substandard matrix they were putting on me and I will be able to come more frequently. When I told her that I already have a few months where you guys are booked solid and are unable to have me come in (keep in mind they are still collecting for the month "they" are unable to accommodate), how can I come in more frequently? She replied, "you will be considered an important client then, so they will be able to accommodate you". So, after going through the actual staff, let me take you through the contracting process. Their reps lie through their teeth. I was told that after signing the initial contract and forking out several thousand dollars upfront, I will have their membership and after the first four months, i will only need to pay up-to $90 for any given appt. of course this was a big fat lie and after four months they came over to me and asked me to sign another contract w/ them, when I mentioned the $90 option, they said that option does not include matrix and only includes haircut, if you need matrix, it would be over $1500 every time you get it. What could I do? my head was shaved in the middle, I was in the middle of the appt and the new rep was breathing on my neck... I signed the contract. But I hope you don't make this mistake. As for facility, please note air conditioner doesn't work during summer, all stylist complain about it non-stop and some have even brought their own fans or keep the doors open while working on you. Contrary to what they say, privacy is not available in there, w/ the doors open during summer and random people coming and opening the door while your stylist is out (to get your matrix) is a norm and there goes your privacy and self respect out the door b/c you are sitting w/ a giant shaved spit in the middle of your head. This place is involved in fraudulent and unethical practices. Please stay away. I am trying to find another alternative right now. I will update everyone once I find a good alternative or if this company makes necessary changes and takes a 360 turn in terms of their services. Sorry if I misspelled anything, as I am typing from a tiny keyboard on my iphone :-) Thank you

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