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City Georgetown, New York
Address P.O. Box 41
Phone 800 303 0911
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Hatchwise.com Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2014

Before signing up for a contest through Hatchwise, the site promised all sorts of things, like hundreds of submissions and many great designers submitted. I even purchased an add-on extra where the contest would be feautured in an email to tens of thousands of users. Imagine my surprise when, a couple days into the contest, there was a grand total of 1 submission. 1 totally subpar and unusable submission that I had to reject. It was then I knew that running this contest through Hatchwise was a mistake. At that point, no big deal, maybe my contest was not a good fit for Edgewise's base. All I asked for was the contest to be canceled and a refund. Not only did I not receive that, I received nothing, and I sent 3 e-mails altogether. The contest ended, with a grand total of 7 submissions (far short of the hundreds promised). Even if I had received an email saying, "Sorry, but no refunds," I would have lived with it, but total silence is not how to run a business. I only hope people read this and it ends up costing Hatchwise much more than if they had refunded me in the first place.

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