HD Restorations

Country United States
State Denmark
City San Antonio

HD Restorations Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2014

These guys knew they were going to rip me off from the beginning. Paid out over $50,000 to them. Any work they did was purely for show. Eveey piece of work had to be redone after they walked on the job when I started asking questions. No peemits were pulled, wrong products were used, everything out of square and unlevel, pipes were put together with flex pipe for water, roof decking was wrong materials, not one inspection was done. Can't get windstorm insurance because of the way they did foundation. They also own a foundation company! 100% con men. Sheriff has investigated and found them guilty of fraud and DA is issueing arrest warrants but that doesn't get my money back. Found out in investigation that they were conning two others at the same time, maintain several in and out bank accounts, and have a $125,000 tax lein on them. Bond # on card was his nephews hvac bond. Pure and simple con men. Cost me $50,000 just to tear down and start over the project after they walked. Never even showed up after the last draw. Will see if jail is their cup of tea! Also found out they have multiple entries at the BBB for similar things. Bad news!

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