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  • Jul 23, 2014

Beware of any company Hubert Humphrey and his son Jody Humphrey start! They tell a story of Hubert's humble beginnings as a railroad conductor to attract the average Joe and then go on to tell of the success of several other companies Hubert and Jody have started. When in actuality there was only one company that was a success and Hubert lucked out selling it before 9/11. Since then he has started and tried to lift off the ground several companies from mortgages to real estate to phone sales to nutrition drinks...

Well, they are back and BEWARE! Back into the financial services industry! Ready to take your money. They put together a company that is much like a pyramid. They charge upfront fees to get involved in their sceme and in some cases charge a monthy fee as well. They come across as being very honest and down to earth but whatever you do, DO NOT let them fool you! They will turn on you in a NY minute!

They claim to be a family of "faith" but they sure don't act like they portray themselves in the public eye. In fact, when they shut the doors of WLG the "former" company, many employees and vendors were left unpaid. Hubert (who supposedly is worth millions), filed bankruptsy and left those who worked hard for him for so long high and dry! He for years opened you his mansion to the "field" his army of people to come view this 46,000 sq ft home and then within months let his mansion go back to the bank. Always "selling a dream!" And son Jody lost his house too and is now renting and has multiple dispossesory's filed against him. Other reports state that the son borrows money and fails to repay the people he borrows money from. I have even been told that Jody has a 4th child with whom the Humphrey's don't have anything to do with... WOW! Again, not a characteristic a family of faith would display.

These people only want your money. They are say they are trying to educate "middle America" when in fact they just want to make money off of you and your family! Who would want to get involved with two men who cheat hardworking people, turn their backs on their own blood and then tell lie after lie after lie. DO NOT TRUST these people!

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  • Feb 14, 2016

Friend for 20 years.

I have known the Humphrey family for 20 years. While they are not perfect, neither am I, they are a great family. Many of your statements are hurtful and incorrect. Why would you want to post mean incorrect things about a family unless you just wanted to hurt them. That makes you a MEAN person. You are gossiping! Stating things that are here say. Did you post your name, NO. Why not? If what you post is the truth, why not leave your name and phone number so you can be credible. It appears that you do not like this family but by posting what you did, it's like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

Stacy RIdings

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