Highway Toll Administration, LLC

Country United States
State Chile
City Great Neck
Address P.O. Box 222209
Phone 8662856050
Website https://www.htallc.com

Highway Toll Administration, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2014

This company unfairly charges you a "service fee" for each day of your rental car period if you incur any toll charges on any day during your rental period. In my case, I rented a car for two days, passed a toll plaza once, and was charged that toll plus two days worth of service fee. Although it isn't much, in principle, it's wrong and should not happen.

Now that it has happened to me I've gone online and found other cases of people being charged like this, but worse. It needs to stop somewhere.

If you say to just not use toll roads, there are places where you have no choice and can't avoid them. Not to mention, many places don't warn you adequately or give you a chance to turn around once you're on the toll road. You have no choice but to go through it and pay the toll. If it's cash and you have no cash, too bad; you run it and pay a ridiculous fine.

I read someone rebut that the victim should have read the fine print before signing or agreeing to rent. You're an idiot because you can't rent the car without signing it. So should the person not rent a car because they think the toll is unfair? Be realistic. It's unreasonable.

I thought the rental car company was solely responsible, but after corresponding with the customer service email, someone left a signature that had the Highway Toll Administration's info in it. If you represent the HTA and can prove your company is not responsible, please, I'd love to know.

The charges go directly onto your credit card, automatically. You can't dispute them because the fine print is in the rental agreement you signed.

Corresponding with the customer service rep, explaining my case, I got nowhere. The guy just kept explaining how the charges work and that they're in the rental agreement. I repeatedly told him I understood how it works, and that in principle it's wrong. So far he doesn't seem to get it, or is just going in circles to get away from the point that it's wrong. I requested a refund for the day I did not use the toll road. Will update here with the response.

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