Hiko Energy Suppliers

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Teaneck
Address 655 suffern road
Phone 18882644908

Hiko Energy Suppliers Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2014

I am very upset with this company . they offer me a program that would save me money on my electric bill supply. But that wasnt true my bill is 572.00 when before i trusted hiko it was only 256.00. i just got my bill i cannot pay this bill so now my electricity will be shut off aprial 9 i am unemployed right now due to illness im 52 what kind of bs is this from this company tricking people like this they came to my door ofering saving on my electric supply but what they did is leaving me in the dark i hope there very happy. so now i have to worry on seeking help to keep my electricty on i called them three times no answer no call back . im at my wits end .leason learnnever trust no one who comes to your offering you a program thats gonna lower your bills cause is a bunch of crap.

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