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  • Jul 13, 2015

This report from Hill Country News as I suggested to the editor had asked him to remove this story as it was one sided of company to put information of my personal name and reputation globally.

He had no comment when asked that I had saved numerous other people in saving their property at the time but rather take one persons account that hadnt paid their mortgage for over 2 years which they only name the street Zoa Drive refernecing where the client lives but did not mention his name on the article. Hill Country News continues to run this story falsely before investigating my side as well.

I have repeaatedly asked the editor to pull this information off the internet and answered the story stays.

I no longer live in Texas since 2011 and do not ever want to return .

It only sees BlACK AND WHITE and my rights are continually being abused without any civil liberty which this news company doesnt care about.

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