Country United States
State New Jersey
City Bordentown
Address Route 130 and Crosswick Rd
Phone 732-896-7700
Website http://www.bestcarsrhere.com

Hilltop Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2015

As a person that likes to support local businesses with patronage this was a major disappointment.

The car I purchased was the style I wanted which is why I went through with the purchase knowing some work was going to be needed. The salesman Adam made sure he purposely left out issues with the car despite me asking many times.

One of the worst parts was that they broke the side mirror there and it was actually done by his friend who hangs around there and is allowed to handle the vehicles. They initially told me I would have to purchase it off ebay myself but after making a big deal they agreed to supply me a new mirror without installing it none the less.

He admitted to pricing everything aggressively after telling me that the only issues with my vehicle were cosmetic. The upholstery inside was coming down, the car was filthy, there was scratches/dings and the trimming on the outside coming off. The car wouldn't start when I got there and they assured me it was because "they left the lights on overnight" which is careless in itself if not a lie.

Once I got home the car died once again needing a jump from a neighbor. I had to let it run for an hr so it would catch. Besides that it was low on old oil out of the dealership and the guy that didn't work there had to put $5 in it when it ran out of gas there as well. You would think they would change the oil and put some gas in it before selling it.

I also asked so many times if there was anything mechanically or structurally with it besides the cosmetic issues and he swore to me every time that it was in great condition. Saying he drove it himself and its fine.

Initially I also asked about a cover up job above the wheel well under the hood which I assumed was some rust damage but everytime I brought it up the deflected the question to tell me how great of condition it was in. I also asked about the headlights that they claimed where just installed but I was wondering why they where installed using painters tape. No answers. Come to find out the lights can't produce Brights at night and flicker during the day while off. He proceeded to tell me this was something BMW's do!

He also purposefully chose not to inform me about all 4 rotors being rusted and the strut leaks until I came back later on complaining, which them he seemed well informed on the situation. He also chose not to tell me about the bad oxygen sensors along with the passenger window that no longer comes down and a sunroof that doesnt sit properly.

As I research these guys online and in the community it's obvious they have a history of this kind of shady business which makes one wonder why it continues to be allowed?

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