Hilltop Used Cars & Service Center

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Bordentown
Address 196 US-130
Phone 609-557-7732
Website http://www.wesellnjcars.com/

Hilltop Used Cars & Service Center Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2015

This place is a major ripoff. They sold a lady (me) a car who was buying a car for my son for college. The car totalled $4500 after their so called document fees and all other fees. But the kicker was, as soon as I got home......the engine light came on. I bought it right back the next morning to get my money back because I could see the writing on the wall. However the head crook, Adam says, "you bought it as is" and there will be no money back for you. So he took 4500 from me pretty much.

I took it to my mecanic and firestone for two opinions, both said I was robbed and that this car is not safe to drive at all. They said that the people washed under the hood really good to mask the million problems it has and that the transmission was actually leaning and barely holding up in addtion to $2300 worth of repair costs.

I called the head crook back to inform him and he said in a nasty tone, "the deal is done". I asked him for the owner's name and he refused to provide it and then hung up the phone on me.

Wow, seriously. Does he really think he'll get away with living wrong? He will look around one day, soon, and wonder why his world is falling apart. Inch by Inch. Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please whoever you are out there, I urge you never to purchase a car from Hilltop Auto sales in Bordentown, NJ. A word from the wise is sufficient.

If you ever get a chance to read this Adam, I have one question, do you sleep well at night? If so, one day your nights are going to be darker than you've ever imagined and painful and horrifying and they will last forever.

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