Hilton Head Island Development Company

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Hilton Head Island
Address Office Park Rd

Hilton Head Island Development Company Reviews

  • Jul 16, 2015

We sat through the timeshare presentation, we already owned two, one of which was the Island Links Within Coral Resorts. They proposed to "take" our two share shares in return for another newer one of theirs and about $8500 cash. It was verbally described as a hassle-free process,seamless and no effort on our part.

However, that turned out to be a huge lie! Their paperwork, all twenty-seven pages of gobbledygook-g**k, did not take care of the non-Coral resort. We were to deal with an independent company to transfer our non-coral resort. At that time, we sent our certified letter to them, requesting cancellation. Since it was slightly beyond the 5-day rescinding period, they didnt even want to talk to us. They were rude and condescending, at one point even making fun of us for "falling" for their scam!

We have continued to correspond with the Better Business Bureau, with the Reak Estate Commision of SC, with the Attirney General's office in Michigan and SC, etc.

The whole thing is very sad...they don't want to relax the five day rule at all, even though we were traveling and on the road for 2 weeks after, and we sent the certified letter immediately upon returning home and sitting down to go through the paperwork in detail.

Again, very, very mis-leading. We are now getting past due notices from a financial agent for payments against the $8500, even though we told them we didn't want this.

Just dont know know what to do from here.

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