Country United States
State Colorado
City Idaho Springs
Address PO Box 1387
Phone (800) 445-7666

HipHopKustomz Reviews

  • Jun 9, 2015

Recently I looked into having a sound system installed into my vehicle. I did some research and came across a company called HipHopKustomz that does custom installs. I spoke with the owner Alex Enfield and we agreed upon a system and he told me that he would custom order the parts that he needed. He also said that I had to pay in advance which I probably should have stopped right there but sadly I decided to trust him.

He told me the install in total would cost me $2500 which seemed about right for what I was supposed to get. I paid the amount and he said he would contact me when the equipment arrives and then I could bring my vehicle to him to work on.

A week went by after paying and I contacted him for an update and he said it would be a few more days. I tried again in a week only to find out that he blocked me and I was unable to contact him and I talked with my bank and there was no way I could get my money back.

Please save yourself your money and don't trust this scam artist.

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