Hiran Mazaira at Eyeglass Factory

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City shrewsbury
Address 276 Boston Turnpike
Phone 508-425-3165

Hiran Mazaira at Eyeglass Factory Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2015

In early November 2012, I went to the Eyeglass Factory to use my Groupon for a pair of eyeglasses. I was going to use my credit card to leave a deposit for the order, which was 2 prs of eyeglasses. Hiran Mazaira, owner and the only person that was in the store that day, urged me to give him a cash deposit and he could give me a discount for doing so. I gave him $300 in cash and he said that my eyeglasses would be ready in 10-14 days. I waited for more than 2 weeks and called, he stated that they were not in yet but that he would put a "super rush" on them and said he would call me. i waited another week before calling and again he said that they were not in yet. I called again a couple of days later and he stated that he was cutting them as we spoke. I could pick them up that day, I stated that I would be there by 5PM. When I got to the store, it was closed, a note on the door stated that he went for a rug cleaning machine and would be back in 30 minutes.

I knew that he would not be, but played the 'game' and waited. I also stopped by at 5AM the next morning and the same note was on the door. I called several times and left messages, stating that I wanted either my eyeglasses or a refund. Hiran Mazaira called me on 12/8 and wanted my debit card information so that he could credit my account immediately. I did not give him the information, told him that i gave him cash and i wanted cash back, he said that i could pick it up on monday 12/10. the store had been cleared out by then.

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