Hirsch Taxes

Country United States
State Aruba
City Tarzana
Address 18663 Ventura Blvd, Suite #213
Phone 88862544829
Website www.hirschtax.com/

Hirsch Taxes Reviews

  • Jul 21, 2014

Randy Hirsch has one of the biggest Credit Counseling scams on the web.

Found him searching Craigslist in Raleigh, NC (Craigslist cancels my ads if they are in too many cities, how did this guy slip through, you know Raleigh's not the only place he's put ads out at one time.)

Long story short, I paid him $400 to do some credit disputes, a cpn, and 3 tradelines. because my identity had been stolen.

He gave me the CPN and dissapeared. Said the tradelines would be on my CPN credit report in 30-45 days. It's been 49 days.

And I cant get a hold of him, email bounces back with some crap about not being available for a few months b/c of his daughter. All 7 of his phone numbers dont work.

I googled him and he's been doing this scam since 2011. Same dissapearance act, same BBS daughter issue story.

Fool me once, shame on him.

I'd sue him , but Randy is probably not even his name.

I hope he gets AIDS or cancer.

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