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Country United States
State Denmark
City Fort Worth
Phone 1 877-466-3487
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History Maker Homes Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2015

We had a History Maker home built in 1990. My parents also had one built that same year. Both homes eventually had slab leaks that were due to copper pipes being bent when installed.

It took 24 years for mine to show up, but once the pipes were dug up and repaired it was easy to see that it was shoddy workmanship that caused the leaks. One pipe was installed crossed over another one and it was bent over it to make it fit. The leak occurred where the pipe was bent. The leak on the under side of the top pipe caused a leak in the bottom pipe as well from the high pressure spray.

I have contacted History Maker Homes'customer service department and they refuse to make this right. Since legally under the warranty they don't have to be liable for it they refuse to make this right even though it is clear that shoddy workmanship led to the leak.

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