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Country United States
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Address 4495-304 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 401
Phone 905-564-4910
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  • Mar 14, 2015

The world needs to know about FRAUDSTER William Khouri, or as he goes by Bill Khouri from HiTech Solutions (www.hitechpro.net, tel: 905-564-4910), primarily based out of Ajax, Ontario in Canada, and Jacksonville, FL, and his dishonest, illegal and unethical business practices including not paying his technicians while he collects on their work.

Hi Tech Solutions

68 Horne Ave,

Ajax, ON L1T 4A2, Canada – View Map

1-888-994-8324 (has been disconnected)

Cell: 1-905-564-4910 (mailbox full - what a shocker!!)


Hi Tech Protection Services

4495-304 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 401

Jacksonville, FL 32210-3381

1-888-994-8324 (has been disconnected)

Cell: 1-905-564-4910 (mailbox full - what a shocker!!)

Here are some facts about how he does business, all of which can be substantiated by multiple sources.

Last year Bill Khouri hired our company to help him hit his deadlines for a multi-location installation at a large tire retail and services chain in the United States. What we did not know at the time is that Bill Khouri had accepted this work from another company (TelAid, http://www.telaid.com) that actually had at least a portion if not all of the national contract from Discount Tire – and when doing so actually committed fraud by lying to the company that contracted him by promising to use his own full-time (W2) technicians to complete the installations, then right away he turned around and sub-contracted out the work to other sub-contracted companies and independent sub-contractors. We unfortunately were one of the companies that he sub-contracted to which was in violation of his initial agreement – which is fraud.

Once Bill Khouri and HiTech Solutions contracted our company we bent over backwards to perform the work at multiple locations in the very short time allotted to meet his deadline (which he must have know when he accepted the work that there was no way he could fulfill the work orders on time without major assistance – another deception).

Well more than three months after performing the work we contacted the company that contracted Bill Khouri and HiTech Solutions for the installation at the tire retail and services company and they informed us that he had been paid for the services some time ago – and that we were not the only ones that he has not paid – and that he was in violation of their agreement for hiring sub-contractors…Bill Khouri continues to selectively respond to emails, promise payment – and he even had the audacity to provide us with a FAKE tracking number for a FedEx that was supposedly going to contain our payment. There have been endless promises of payment and we have found out from other companies that he has done this not only to us, but to many others. What a JOKE!

This guy is lies, deceives, practices illegal and unethical business practices and should be stopped before doing more damage.

HiTech Solutions or Hi Tech Solutions or HiTech Protection or HiTech Protection Services does business out of Ajax, Ontario, Canada, and also out of Jacksonville, FL to our knowledge to date.

UPDATE: on September 5, 2014 we received this update from our attorneys in Canada:

"Our process server advised us today that Mr. Khouri was personally served on September 4, 2014. Mr. Khouri will now have 20 days from the receipt of the Plaintiff's Claim to provide a Defence in this matter. We will keep you posted."

Bill Khouri of course did not show up at in court, and we have the courts have issued a default judgement against William Khouri from HiTech Solutions. Not that this will do any good - he will just keep running and most likely keep defrauding companies and peopel.

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