Country United States
State Aruba
City City of Industry
Address 17921 Rowland Street
Phone 1800 825 158


  • Jan 31, 2015

Purchased a HKC 24 inch computer monitor the screen went dark on one side after 8 months. After a month and a half of trying to get ahold of them, they finally sent email with instuctions for obtaining a RMA number. sent them all the information they requested.

Finally after 1 more month of not being able to reach them for they don't answer their phones, they sent the RMA number. Sent my monitor back with HDMI cable and power cord as they requested. My monitor was still in excellent shape and had no scratches on outside or screen.

Recieved the monitor back with in a week and when i opened the box and took out monitor it was scratched up very badly and no HDMI cable or power cord was returned. After 2 more weeks of trying to contact them on this issue i finally get a call back. Was told that thier shipping department said i didnt return the cables with monitor and they did not send the monitor back scratched.

Yet they told me the monitor was not repaired but replaced. They replaced it with someone else's returned scratched up monitor and they refuse to make good on my warrenty. This company I believe is a fraud. They never answer the phone and when i looked up the tracking to see if it got their safely it said delivered to back door of house.

This seems awful strange to me. A Warrenty does not include replacing item with a used one.

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